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From F. Scott Fitzgerald’s short story, “Afternoon of an Author.” Stories and essays, fiction or nonfiction, I created during my long, broad afternoons.

CXXXVI. Snow Comes Softly

Monday, February 11, 2019 —Yesterday came cold and blustery. Flurries of  shoppers arrived at the store where I work, and I felt good to be out among the people and greet them. Children, their animation electrified, anticipated the coming storm. It … Read more »

The Scheherazade Chronicles

“… the gap between compassion and surrender is love’s darkest, deepest region.” –Orhan Pamuk, The Museum of Innocence Once upon a time in the faraway land of my childhood, my mother held me on her lap in the rocking chair … Read more »

No Membership, Nor Shoes and Shirt, Required

You do not have to become a member to access and read my blog.  You may have received a message in the last day or two stating The content you are trying to access is only available to members. Sorry.  … Read more »

Blog Cascade

Thank you, Susan Scott for inviting me to take up the baton in this blog cascade whereby we introduce and reveal ourselves to the wider world. I am honored to accept Susan’s invitation because of who she is, not only … Read more »

Liebster Nominations

      Thank you, T.J. Banks ( for nominating “The Scheherazade Chronicles”! I am pleased to announce that I have won an award for this blog.  After receiving the Liebster Award, my good friend and author T.J. Banks of … Read more »