The Scheherazade Mission

The Scheherazade Chronicles mission is dedicated to the development of storytelling and to raising awareness of and promoting access to the humanities for the edification and enlightenment of humankind, thus to save humankind from death by the cleaver of ignorance.

A very long time ago, in ancient Persia, the Sultan, upon learning that his wife and his brother’s wife had been unfaithful, deduced that all maidens once married became unfaithful, so each night he took a new maiden for his bride and then in the morning had his vizier behead her.

To save the maidens, Scheherazade, the vizier’s daughter, offered herself to the Sultan. Each night Scheherazade told the Sultan a story, but she concluded with a cliffhanger; so the Sultan couldn’t behead her because he wanted to hear how it ended. He bid her return night after night, until finally he realized that not all women are unfaithful.

Storytelling: Everybody has a story to tell. Storytelling is as old as humankind, handed down from parents to children, from dreamweavers to spellbound listeners. Historian and author Doris Kearns Goodwin said, “I am obsessed with the importance of story. The way we learn from parents and grandparents who pass stories on. Stories have a beginning, middle and an end. Something has meaning when you’re telling stories.”

We hope you will find meaning in a  story here that will save your day, a story you will find comforting and supporting, transporting or flat out  funny. This is our purpose in keeping the flame lit here. Stories–of the imagination, of memory, of music and the arts, of history, of thought, uplift and enlighten us all.