The Scheherazade Chronicles Is Now Accepting Submissions

The Scheherazade Chronicles, a literary review, is now accepting submissions. We hope you will consider submitting your work to us. Besides writing, we may accept artwork, photography and photojournalism. You are among many great writers and artists seeking a place to publish and we realize there aren’t enough publications to go around. We hope, therefore, that your work will be a good match for our Chronicle. It would be nice if we could publish all the fine work submitted to us; yet, as you no doubt understand, our time and space are limited. So, if we decline to publish your work, please know that it is not a reflection on the quality but rather that what you sent us is not the best fit for The Scheherazade Chronicles. You may submit again. We do read and review every submission, though, and we will let you know as soon as possible whether or not we accept your work. For now, we regret we cannot pay you for work published. Currently, we operate out of a very small purse, more like a sieve, really. We like eating, too, and therefore must ask a $5.00 administrative, unsolicited manuscript fee per item, no more than the cost of submitting through the United States Postal Service with an enclosed SASE. We publish on a rolling schedule rather than a fixed schedule such as do monthly or quarterly publications.

We seek fiction, nonfiction, creative nonfiction, memoir, poetry — stories of the imagination, of memory, of music and the arts, of history, of thought, not only those that compel us to keep reading, but also those that make us think, that uplift and enlighten us. We cherish good work that is thoroughly researched and thought through, as in The New Yorker and revel in highly original pieces of wit as in The Paris Review. Please no gore or explicit sex. We tend to lean more toward the analytical, the warm romantic, and humor rather than the socio-psychological, the angst-ridden and the icy sci-fi. Simply, we love good storytelling from you dream weavers and thought spinners to us spellbound readers. We like the type of person whom, when approached with “Hey! How are you?” says, “Oh, well, let me tell you a story about that.” Same with artwork or photos — send us something that tells a story, that makes us ponder the image, something that would look good in Scheherazade’s tent.

Please limit each submission to 2,500 words. Nothing is too short. You may submit groups of five short poems (under 200 words each) for the $5.00 submission fee, but only one long poem. We accept simultaneous submissions on the condition that you notify us when another publisher prints your piece. We may accept previously published work, provided you tell us that is so and where and when it was published, preferably with a clip attached. You may submit multiple pieces at $5.00 per piece. And do include a brief bio, under 150 words, so we know who you are and what you’ve done. If you have a longer work that you think compels the reader to return to read the next installment, and the next, we request you query us before sending the work. We will welcome interviews and personal profiles, too, but query first.

Please select the “Submit” button in the top menu bar, scroll down the page and follow the directions for sending your submission.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing your work.



6 Responses to The Scheherazade Chronicles Is Now Accepting Submissions

  1. Robert Price says:

    So happy to find quietly here, a voice of reason…

    The veils shifted and truth more understood.

    So very glad to share your light…

    Please dull the cleaver with all your might!


    • sammozart says:

      I believe you are going to find many more of these quiet, yet strong voices of reason here in the very near future, R, the veil raised.


      Thank you for coming by and for your comment.


  2. susan scott says:

    This is wonderful Samantha! O golly as I type I see you have put up the cover of my book! (I was so intent on reading your lovely post ) – thank you!! O gosh, and the Lilith one too! This gal has a wide grin .. you are so generous to we writers, thank you so so much.

    I wish you so well in this new venture and will pass this on wherever I can.

    • sammozart says:

      Thank you, Susan. I will tell you more about the literary review very soon. It is my pleasure to post cover images of my friends’ books here. Visitors on this website can click through to Amazon via these images and read more about the books and hopefully buy them. On The Scheherazade Chronicles “Bookstore” page are your books along with those of the other authors, with a bit about the book and bios of you and Susan Schwartz — I copied and pasted the text from the book cover. So visitors can go to that “Bookstore” page and buy the books through Amazon, too. I see you have a new blog post today; I will catch up. I read the last one but didn’t comment, but will.

  3. Gwynn Rogers says:

    I am looking forward to reading the submissions.