Tangerine Tea

I sat sipping tangerine tea
In a dimly lit room
In a small house by the sea

The scent of salt and incense
Filled the sweet air
I laid my guitar aside on the bench

A candle flickered and went out
Who goes there
I seemed to shout

There were three or four of them
Dark skinned, dark eyed
Darkly they came in

Like shadows. Bright scarves were their dress
And in the scarf around each head
A flower. Their plan was easy to guess

We have come for you
Were their words
Come, and we’ll show you

The gypsies went out with me
I was given some scarves, a flower
And followed them to the sea

We entered a cave down under the sea
The candle flames danced and made patterns
On poster-hung walls. I sipped some tea

The gypsies and cave held the aroma of incense
Then, in a moment, I saw the egress
Up ahead in the distance

It was no longer night
At the end of the cave
The sunshine shown bright

We then moved outside
Into the day and a garden of trees and flowers
And tangerines. I thanked my guides

I had reached it at last. We put down our teas
A dream had come true. For this
Was the world of all peace.

–Samantha Mozart