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Here are brief bios and reviews on books of authors we know, including ourselves. If you want to read any of these books, click on or tap their images in the sidebars to link through to Amazon. When you link through The Scheherazade Chronicles to purchase on Amazon, we get a small sales percentage and that helps put another log on the fire.

Samantha Mozart served for a decade as sole, unpaid caregiver for her mother, who suffered from dementia. Ms. Mozart tells her story here in journals posted on this blog and she has published her mother’s and her story in a Dementia Caregiver’s Journal, Volumes I and II. Click on the images to buy the books. Samantha Mozart is the pen name for Carol Child, The Scheherazade Chronicles founder. Carol Child wrote a script for Jane Austen readers theater, presented on June 3, 2017 at the restored 1870 Smyrna Opera House in Smyrna, Delaware. Carol Child subsequently has published the script, Jane Austen Readings for Readers Theater under her actual name.


T. J. Banks is the author of Sketch People: Stories Along the Way, A Time for Shadows, Catsong, Derv & Co.: A Life Among Felines, Souleiado, and Houdini, a cat novel which the late writer and activist Cleveland Amory enthusiastically branded “a winner.” Catsong, a collection of her best cat stories, was the winner of the 2007 Merial Human-Animal Bond Award. Read more of her bio in the masthead in the right sidebar. Ms. Banks is editor of The Scheherazade Chronicles Literary Review. Click on the Catsong image to buy the book on Amazon; really, the best way to buy these and others of Ms. Bank’s books is to contact her directly — mouseover A Time for Shadows and Sketch People images.




5.0 out of 5 starsFive Stars on Amazon for A Time for Shadows
By Ziennaon November 16, 2016
Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase
“What a beautiful book – I hope it’s made into a movie.”



Kathleen Long writes much-loved bestselling novels. Click or tap the image and the link will lead you to Amazon where you can buy her books and read her full bio.

Susan Scott and Susan Schwartz — Aging and Becoming: The book is comprised of correspondence between Susan Scott in Johannesburg, South Africa and Susan E. Schwartz in Phoenix, Arizona. Aging has both in its radar. Each feels the shifts on emotional, psychological, mental and physical levels. Many losses occur at this stage of life, with friends and family dying, broken or failed partnerships, illness or incapacitation on the doorstep for many. They address and reflect on these levels, many unsaid, in an in-depth and soulful way bringing forth their own experiences and those of others. The value of myths, dreams and tales are also referenced as these indicate the enduring trials and tribulations in our contemporary lives.  The authors challenge the view that the older woman has little to offer. Rather, aging is an opportunity to express a more rounded out personality as the tug towards becoming authentic becomes more persistent and real. Just as many reflections occur allowing for growth and new ventures to happen. This book will be inspiring for those wanting more expansive outlooks challenging the status quo.

Susan Scott has a postgraduate degree in Clinical Psychology and has an ongoing interest in the works of C. G. Jung and post Jungians. She is the author of ‘In Praise of Lilith, Eve & the Serpent in the Garden of Eden & Other Stories’. Susan E. Schwartz PhD., is a Jungian analyst trained at the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich, Switzerland and is also a clinical psychologist. Her many publications include chapters in ‘Jungian Perspectives on Rebirth and Renewal: Phoenix Rising’ and ‘Perpetual Adolescence: Jungian Analyses of American Pop Culture’. She co-authored ‘Couples at the Crossroads: Five Steps to Finding Your Way Back to Love’.

Susan Scott has been interested in Jungian psychology for many years after her first introduction to the theory of C.G. Jung while doing a post graduate degree in clinical psychology. She was an essential part of The Transvaal Centre for Jungian Studies (a non-profit organization) in the late 1980 s and 1990 s in Johannesburg and Pretoria as well as part of the first group in South Africa to study Jung through Centerpoint, an organization based in the States whose purpose is to bring Jungian teachings to the wider public. She has lectured on Lilith, Eve & the Serpent in the Garden of Eden to Jungian groups on a few occasions and has also been on radio to a receptive audience. This is her first book. She lives in Johannesburg, South Africa, is married and has two adult sons.

This little book is deeply thought and beautifully written. Recommended for all women. You’ll want to carry it around with you and read it again.

Beatrice Hale is a Scot, living in New Zealand with her family and beautiful dog. She is a keen herb gardener and has written several herb gardening books. Since retiring from social work, she has focussed on her second hobby, writing, and has written two books on gerontology and family care, and is now trying her hand at fiction. A children’s novel, Ice Escape, is currently on Amazon Kindle, and The Resolute Heart is a story for adults, particularly young adults. The Resolute Heart is written in English and is based on the work of the press-gangs forcing men into the Navy to fight Napoleon. In this case, Mary disguised herself as a man, and went to work on board as a surgeon’s mate. She heard some incriminating stories, and with her husband’s help, succeeded in unmasking a spy and stopping a mutiny.

Virginia Antonelli: Many outsiders imagine that New York City is a mythical place that transforms every Small-Town Nobody into a Master of the Universe. That’s swell for the fortunate few with barracuda-like drive, but what about all those hailing from Elsewhere that are flounder-like, the Minions of the Universe? Meet their advocate: Virginia Antonelli, a wage slave by day and scribbler by night. Originally from San Francisco, she is a New York City transplant who has taken it upon her scrawny shoulders to write these tales centered not in Manhattan’s opulent heart, but in its less romantic gall bladder. Lame Adventures: Unglamorous Tales from Manhattan is the user’s manual for living life at its fullest, on a wallet at its emptiest, in the metropolis that is the glitziest. For more Lame Adventures, visit the website.

Sara C. Snider has a bachelor’s degree in Archives and Information Science that is currently sitting on a shelf, collecting dust, as she pursues a career in writing. She loves fairy tales and forests, and frequently infuses both into her stories. Originally from northern California, Sara now lives in Sweden with her partner and two crazy cats.

Elaine Mansfield’s book Leaning into Love: A Spiritual Journey through Grief (Larson Publications) won the 2015 Gold Medal IPPY (Independent Publisher Book Award) for Aging, Death, and Dying. Her TEDx talk is Good Grief! What I Learned from Loss. Elaine writes about bereavement, family, ritual, mythology, dreams, and the environment. She facilitates bereavement workshops, gives presentations, and volunteers at Hospice in Ithaca, NY. Elaine has been a student of nature, philosophy, Jungian psychology, mythology, and meditation for forty years and writes a weekly blog about life and loss. You can read more about Elaine and her work at her website.

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Deborah Gregory works in the field of Psychology and has been writing poetry since her mid-teens.  Deeply interested in Archetypal Dreamwork, Jung and journeying towards Soul Evolution, she loves to write poems about ancient mythology from cultures around the world.  A nature lover who enjoys rambling all over the beautiful English countryside.

A Liberated Sheep in a Post Shepherd World is Deborah’s first poetry collection. She is currently working on her debut novel “The Bad Shepherd” alongside, “The Poetry of the Tarot” a collection of Major Arcana poems. “The Liberated Sheep” is her website.

Susanne van Doorn, PhD (The Netherlands) is a Dutch therapist author and dream expert working for Therapeut van Binnenuit and blogging for Mindfunda. On Mindfunda she reviews new books about dreaming, spirituality and mythology and interviews authors and is a teacher in several online courses.

Author of A Dreamers’ Guide through the land of the deceased; Mutual Dreaming: A Psiber Experiment with co-author Maria Cernuto published in Dreamtime spring 2014; translator of A Theory of Dreams by Vasily Kasatkin (2014).

Educated in Psychology at the University of Tilburg in 1994, Education in Dreamwork at the Jungian Institute in Nijmegen 2009, Education in Medicine in 2010, Graduated with honers at the education of Orthomoluculair Therapy in 2010.

Jean Raffa is a former teacher, television producer and college professor who, with the help of Jungian psychology, began following her passions for self-discovery and writing during mid-life. Her books The Bridge to Wholeness, Dream Theatres of the Soul, and her newest Wilbur Award-Winning book, Healing the Sacred Divide, can be found at this Amazon link. Her blog, Matrignosis, is at  Her facebook address is,  and her website is


Silvia Villalobos, a native of Romania who lives immersed in the laid-back vibe of Southern California, is a writer of mystery novels and short fiction. Her stories have appeared in The Riding Light Review and Solstice Publishing, among other publications. Her novel Stranger or Friend (Solstice Publishing) was named best mystery 2015 by P & E Readers’ Poll. When not writing, she can be found blogging at Silvia Writes.