Sitting on a Juice Crate

When I worked at the farm stand in Naples, Florida, back in the ‘90s, my boss used to sit on a juice crate out behind the stand, by the walk-in cooler. He would sit there to watch what we were up to, no doubt, but he also would sit there to think, to draw up mental blueprints for the enhancement and promotion of the market and the layout of the farm crops.

I do the same, figuratively, with my life, consciously or subconsciously.

Hence, here, Sitting on a Juice Crate, I will tell you what I am thinking, what I am reading, watching and listening to, and perhaps how that has affected my philosophies, choices, or metamorphosed my being.

I invite you to engage in thoughtful philosophical discussion with me on these elements and to share what you are reading, watching or listening to and how so doing has affected you.



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