Ferryboat — The Cape May-Lewes Ferry

This is a brief photo essay of the Cape May-Lewes Ferry’s crossing at the mouth of the Delaware Bay between Lewes, Del., and Cape May, N.J. The ferryboats make several trips daily, year-round. A one-way voyage takes approximately an hour and a half. Lewes, a Dutch name, is pronounced “Lewis.”

CL001W Dock Pilings

Dock pilings at the ferry berth on the Delaware side.

Ferry Ramp & Breakwater

Ferry ramp.

CL002W Cape May-Lewes Ferry

Here comes the ferry.

Boarding & CM Coast

Ferry unloading travelers from Cape May.

Boarding & CM Coast 1

Waiting to sail.

Ferry Ramp & Breakwater 1

Sailing out alongside the breakwater.

CL004W Breakwater Beacon-Lewes Del

Lighthouse marking the end of the breakwater and the channel.


Ferry route and map of surrounding area where I live.

Passing Ferry 1

Passing ferry coming from Cape May.

Passing Ferry

Passing ferry wake.

Coming into Cape May

Coming into Cape May.

Coming into Cape May 1

Coming into our berth.

CL005W Ferry Wake

Ferry wake.

Happy Travels.

–Samantha Mozart