A-Z Challenge Theme Reveal: Dementia Caregiving

Every April writers and bloggers come together to take up the Blogging From A-Z Challenge.  This year I am taking up the challenge, too, along with this annually growing group.

I wish to thank my writer friends who have nudged, nay, gently pushed me, persistently encouraging me to take up this daily writing challenge.  Each day we write a blog post themed on a letter of the alphabet, beginning with the letter A on April 1, continuing to the letter B on April 2, the letter C on April 3 and so on.  We take Sundays off.

This year, via the prodding of friends, I have chosen to revisit and write on a theme throughout:  Dementia — my experiences as sole caregiver to my mother, Emma, whom, for a decade, I watched slowly slip into insensibility.  So, each day this April, I shall tell you how I, the once contented bohemian writer, the lazing lion in the sun, now confronted with yet another issue — Oh, no, NOW what’s she doing?  What was that crash?! — one I had no idea how to handle, had to spring into action, do something and learn to  become the lion at the gate.

I hope you will accompany me throughout this journey, laugh a little, cry a little, simply like my stories and gain some insight into caregiving for a loved one with dementia, or any illness, at home.  You know, the scary thing is that if you are not now a caregiver, the odds are you will be, and, later, who will serve as your caregiver?  Somehow, I have faith we will get through this thing together.

Samantha Mozart

2 Responses to A-Z Challenge Theme Reveal: Dementia Caregiving

  1. Joseph Rubin says:

    Hello Samantha, Today is a long day as I write 11:58 pm in Michigan, USA. I read your comments in Susan’s blog —what a dynamic day! At first I was intending to inquire about your experience with Chopin’s PNO CTO in E Minor that somehow crept into Susan’s blog. Now I see more fantastic things about you, including your dedication and special purpose reactive to your important experiences – – -that you are sharing with the world. Congratulations, & thanks for your comments about me in Susan’s blog today. My email address is in your file at this post, but I will write it here. Feel free to contact me. JOERUBIN27425@gmail.com

    • sammozart says:

      Hi Joe — I am very glad to hear from you. It looks like we have some common interests. After you mentioned Chopin’s E minor piano concerto, I wrote my next A-Z post listening to the adagio movement. I write to music nearly always. In fact, I used to have an mp3 player on my blog sidebar, before my website crashed, and some of my earlier posts have soundtracks. When I finish writing my A-Zs, I will try to restore the player. I’ve loved classical music all my life and as I age and when I write I listen to that more than any other genre, mostly (except that right now Leon Russell is singing “A Song for You”). 🙂

      Yes, re my experience with my mother, it IS all in how you react, isn’t it, rather than sobbing over what awful thing has befallen me now. I regard such situations as spiritual growth opportunities — although, naturally, I might not regard them as such at first, and I probably miss too many. Nonetheless, I am sharing my caregiving experiences with the world because a) I love to write, b) it is both a catharsis and a way to gain inner insight and awareness, and c) I hope my sharing my experiences will help and comfort others.

      I will email you, Joe, than you will have my email address. You should know that Samantha Mozart is my pen name, so my email to you will come from a different name.

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