Great Atlantic & Pacific Tour Company

I have traveled up and down the East Coast and across country, from the Atlantic to the Pacific and from the Pacific to the Atlantic, with my mother and my daughter. They have been great company to travel with. Here’s a picture I took of them on Marco Island, Fla., in 1993.

Mother-K Marco 1

I have driven across country alone and I have traveled with family and family dogs. My first trip across country was with my mother, brother and grandfather when we flew to Tucson, Ariz., in 1958 to visit cousins, my grandfather’s branch of the family with the gypsy gene who had migrated out there from Philadelphia 20 or 30 years earlier. A fan of Westerns, I was thrilled to be in Cowboy Country. In those days to get from Phoenix to Scottsdale, you had to drive across miles of open desert. In 1967 my husband, four-and-a-half-month-old daughter, Kellie, and I drove from the East Coast to Southern California to live, courtesy of the United States Navy. In 1985, Kellie, her boyfriend and I drove from Los Angeles to Wilmington, Del. Here I am in Charleston, S.C. I have a funny thing about Charleston: I am compelled to look at all the graveyards, studying the names on the tombstones to see if I recognize myself from a former lifetime.

1985 Trip Carol-Charleston

On that same trip, here are Kellie and I in Goodyear, Ariz., near Phoenix.

1985 Trip K & C Goodyear

In 1999 I was living in Naples, Fla. Here are two photos, below, from when Kellie came to visit me and I took her to Chokoloskee Island, just south of Everglades City. After she got back home to California, trying to remember where I took her, she asked me, “What was the name of the chocolate place?”

Chokoloskee 1999 1

Chokoloskee 1999

Here are my mother and her toy poodle BeeGee (Beau Geste), in 1995. The three of us are waiting for the Cape May-Lewes Ferry.

Mother-BG CL Ferry

Here are my mother and BeeGee at the south end of the Avalon, N.J., boardwalk, sitting on the steps of a restaurant, 1995.

Mother-BG Avalon '95

Again, my favorite tour companions after tea at the Ritz, Naples, Fla., 1997.

Mother-K Marco

–Samantha Mozart

6 Responses to Great Atlantic & Pacific Tour Company

  1. susan scott says:

    A lovely post Samantha, thank you for sharing your lovely family with us. If they make me smile they must make you smile even more so, relishing those memories! Your Mom and daughter are truly lovely as is the in-between one – you!!

    • sammozart says:

      Yes, they were lovely to travel with, Susan. Many enjoyable moments. Even during my mother’s dementia, she would sit with a map open in her lap and plot a trip. Bittersweet.

  2. Beautiful family photos, Samantha. Lovely smiles. Our world–so much to see, interesting places. ‘Chocolate place’ is the perfect reference, with all the beautiful sites in memory. Love that you went to the cemetery, searching for possible traces of yourself from a previous life. 🙂

    • sammozart says:

      It does intrigue me, Silvia, that I am impelled to look for myself in a previous life in Charleston and no place else. Maybe it’s just the air, the climate. It gets kind of a hold on you.

  3. Red says:

    I love all the pictures and reminiscing. Obviously, travel has been a pretty big part of my life, too.

    • sammozart says:

      Yes, I have been to some beautiful places across this country, Red, but you’ve been to and lived in some pretty exotic ones. Fascinating. I do love to travel.