Southern California Surf and Sunsets

I took a lot of photos of the beaches, high surf and sunsets around where I lived in Southern California. If I still lived there, I’d be taking more.

Rat Beach

In the photo above, I stood on the hill in Palos Verdes and captured this scene of an unusually low tide at Malaga Cove, just south of our Torrance Beach, and the people exploring the tide pools.

Below, is a photo my daughter took recently of the ramp down to Torrance Beach by where we used to live, where she grew up. That’s my older granddaughter in the lower left corner of the picture.


Redondo Beach-PV

This is Redondo Beach looking south towards Torrance Beach and at the Palos Verdes Peninsula.

RB Library & Pier

My centering spot for many years when this was the Redondo Beach Library. You can see the ocean on the right through the trees. I’d enter the room on the right, walk to the back past the stacks and sit in a chair by the tall, open window in the sea breeze and read. I could hear the gleeful people on the beach, the seagulls, the surf breaking on the shore and the bell buoy dinging.

The city built a new library. This is now Veterans Park.

RB Library View

On the right foreground is a historic Moreton Bay fig tree. Out in the water is the Redondo Pier.

I shot two series of photos, one of Redondo Beach at sunset, and one of Hermosa Beach storm waves. The following are the Redondo sunset photos:

95 Steps

Just 95 steps down to the beach.

Two Palms

Cat & Palm I

Cat & Palm Sunset Light - Cat 300

Sunset Splash

Seagull Silhouette

Gnite Jon 300dpi

I call the one above “Goodnight, Jonathan.”



These next ones are my Hermosa series.

HB120W Wave

These two images, above and below, are waves I photographed from the Hermosa Pier.

HB130W Hermosa Waves 13

Following are more images of my fascination with big waves.

HB010W Hermosa Storm Waves 1

HB110W Hermosa Storm Waves 11

Here, below, are a few photos of Manhattan Beach.

MB Surf & Tanker

Above is a view of Malibu and the Santa Monica Mountains, taken from the Manhattan Pier, with an oil tanker in the distance, probably coming from the Chevron facility in El Segundo.

Manhattan Beach from Pier

Above is Manhattan Beach taken from the Manhattan Pier.

Manhattan Pier Fishermen

Fishing from the end of the Manhattan Pier.

Me & MB 2

Me on Manhattan Beach with the Palos Verdes Peninsula to the south.

–Samantha Mozart